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My Platform

Mitch Roth is an innovative problem solver who has actionable plans for improving Hawai’i County. Here are his goals for the county and how he will achieve them.

Changing the Culture of County Government

In order to make significant change within the county, there needs to be a culture shift within government from one that permits people and businesses to exist to one that helps people and businesses thrive. I will do this by: 

  • Having physical representation of the Mayor and cabinet members across the island. 

  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration among departments, rather than having people work in silos

  • Strengthening the ties between the government and the people it serves. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is the philosophy I've instilled in the prosecutor's office, and this is the way I intend to lead as Mayor. 

Streamlining the permitting process

A common issue heard throughout the island is that the county's permitting process is too long and cumbersome. Streamlining the permitting process would reduce time and money for business owners, families, and contractors, which will allow businesses to thrive and help housing become more affordable. I will do this by:

  • Putting time limits on the permitting process.

  • Standardizing the interpretation of the permitting codes.

  • Implementing a "one bite of the apple" rule where all changes must be accounted for upon the first inspection.  People shouldn’t have to bring their plans and have the departments give them a new set of changes again and again.

Seeking alternative funding sources outside of taxes

Funds are going to be tight, especially in a post-Coronavirus economy, and the county cannot keep raising taxes to cover its budget. I will strengthen the County of Hawaii's capacity to identify and secure additional financial resources by:

  • Assembling a team of grant writers and development professionals from within the county and community.

  • Employing strategies such as Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPCs) and Public-Private Partnerships where applicable.

  • Working with State Legislators to secure maximum funding for Hawai'i County.

Getting to the roots of issues

Homelessness, crime, substance abuse, and other issues are symptoms of root causes such as adverse childhood experiences (including domestic violence, incarceration of a family member, neglect), PTSD, hunger and poverty, or job loss. I will address these root issues by:

  • Partnering with non-profit organizations and community groups.

  • Supporting early childhood education opportunities

  • Starting an island-wide education campaign on preventing and addressing adverse childhood experiences.

  • Supporting job training and workforce development initiatives

Weed and Seed with Sam Choy and ED.jpeg
Diversifying the Economy

Hawai'i County has incredible opportunities to diversify its economy through Agriculture, Science & Technology, Renewable Energy, and Entrepreneurial Opportunities. Mitch will expand and scale these growing markets by:

  • Partnering with the University of Hawai'i System to bolster the county’s research & development and provide further opportunities for the youth of Hawai‘i.

  • Expanding entrepreneurship through county-supported accelerator and incubator programs. 

  • Collaborating with private entities to support growth in a variety of sectors. 

  • Supporting the creation of processing facilities for farmers and ranchers.  

  • Working with the business community to reduce "red tape" and other barriers to success.

Helping our environment

Hawai'i County must be more proactive and vigilant in addressing climate change and making our island more sustainable. Mitch will help our environment by: 

  • Transitioning from reliance on fossil fuels to encouraging the development and use of our island's renewable energy resources.  

  • Convening a working group with hard deadlines to provide recommended solutions to Hawai'i County's long-standing environmental issues, such as our waste-management problem and the Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Facility.

  • Hosting a sustainability summit to develop actionable strategies that will help Hawai‘i Island become more self-sustainable, provide opportunities for residents, and allow for alternative energy sources on this island.

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