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FAQ's on the Issues

Q: Why do you want to run for Hawaiʻi County Mayor?
Q: Are you a Democrat or Republican?
Crime Prevention Justice Assistance Group
Q: What are your thoughts on astronomy for Hawaiʻi island?

Mitch helped create the CPJAG (Crime Prevention Justice Assistance Group), a team that connects with other government agencies, non-profits, law enforcement and relevant community groups to prevent crime before it happens. 


This forward-thinking program is concentrated on domestic violence, sexual assault, juvenile issues, drug education and prevention. Over the past 7 years, The Big Island’s juvenile crime has decreased by 50%

Q: How do you plan to improve mass transit on Hawaiʻi Island?
Q: Do you support the construction fo the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
Q: What ideas do you have on improving the economy?
Q: What are your thoughts on utilizing renewable energy on Hawaiʻi Island? 
Q: How will you address affordable housing and homelessness
Q: How do you plan on supporting Hawai'i Island's
agricultural Industry?
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