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I have three children who were born and raised here, went to public school, college, and are now living on the mainland. Like many other local youth, they feel they can’t return and start a life here because of the lack of well-paying diverse jobs and affordable housing. As Mayor I will focus on building a dynamic and diverse economy that will allow residents and future generations the opportunity to have a meaningful and comfortable life here on the island of Hawai‘i.


As Mayor, I will work to make Hawai‘i Island economically vibrant while preserving its culture and values. We want a place where our families can proudly live, work, and play. That means having a diverse and dynamic economy. I plan to refocus our county government to allow businesses to thrive. The effects of COVID-19 exposed us to the fact that we cannot rely solely on our tourism industry. Fortunately, our island is incredibly diverse in landscape, and that provides us with opportunities. Agriculture, technology, and astronomy are examples of industries that can allow many of our residents to use their talents to contribute to their community. Additionally, we can expand our tourism industry to be more inclusive of ecotourism, cultural tourism, and agritourism, among others. Our new reality after COVID-19 forces us to be creative and bring new ideas to the table. As mayor I plan to support entrepreneurship on this island and bring in accelerator programs to develop various job opportunities for residents. I also plan to support efforts that will expand our technology infrastructure and make it easier for people to work from home. I plan to make progress in areas that will enhance our quality of life here on this island while maintaining its local charm. This creates a better future for not only our residents, but for generations to come.

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