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Ensuring the Well-Being of Hawai'i County

Our administration is dedicated to enhancing the health and safety of all residents in Hawaiʻi County. We've made significant investments and improvements to ensure that our community is prepared for emergencies, supports mental health, and maintains public safety.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

We have focused on strengthening our emergency response capabilities. We have completed renovations and upgrades to the Emergency Operations Center, ensuring it is fully equipped to handle any crisis. Key initiatives include:

  • Revitalizing the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program

  • Coordinating the update of the Hawai'i County Tsunami Evacuation Plan

  • Addressing deficiencies in fire stations

  • Successfully managing the June 2021 40,000-acre brushfire with no casualties

  • Navigating the November 2022 Mauna Loa eruption with no casualties and creating the Temporary Housing Management Response (THMR)

Health Initiatives

We’ve made significant strides in advancing health literacy and improving healthcare infrastructure. Some of our key achievements include:

  • Completing a two-year, $3 million Advancing Health Literacy grant

  • Facilitating the release of land by DLNR for a new CAT lab

  • Anticipating the completion of a new joint dispatch center for Police Dispatch and Fire Communications Control Center operations, which will improve coordination and communication between emergency personnel

Public Safety Enhancements

We’ve worked diligently to enhance public safety across the island. Initiatives include:

  • Replacing nearly all ambulances in our fleet

  • Adding lifeguards to popular beaches

  • Replacing an aging helicopter with a new H125 Airbus Helicopter

  • Making capital investments in the response fleet for the Hawaiʻi Fire Department, including new brush trucks, fire engines, and tankers

Our Police Department has also been proactive in improving public safety by:

  • Providing PPE to Vice Investigators

  • Updating patrol uniforms for enhanced visibility

  • Filling every sworn position in the Hawaiʻi Police Department, with plans to expand police services and reduce response times

  • Implementing pedestrian safety enhancements, such as crosswalk tables and flashing signal lights in various areas

  • Collaborating with Keep It Flowing LLC and local students to create impaired driving prevention murals throughout Hawaiʻi County

Mental Health and Addiction Support

Recognizing the importance of mental health and addiction support, we have:

  • Formed and collaborated with the Hawaiʻi Island Fentanyl Task Force to educate the community about the dangers of fentanyl and distribute NARCAN to prevent opioid overdoses

  • Established a detox clinic and Behavioral Health Crisis Center in collaboration with BISAC to provide support for addiction and mental health crises

  • Partnered with the National Alliance of Mental Illness to train police officers to better respond to mental health crises

Looking Ahead


As we move forward, our administration remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of all residents in Hawai'i County. These efforts are crucial for building a resilient, supportive, and safe community.



Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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